Alana Krug-MacLeod is leading environmental innovation in Saskatoon.

Photo from Alana Krug-MacLeod.

Photo from Alana Krug-MacLeod.

AGE: 17
HOMETOWN: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

At the age of 17, Alana from Saskatoon has already made an incredible commitment to environmental issues and sustainability. Her accomplishments vividly reflect her creativity and dedication, and she is an inspiration to all youth, proving to them that even a young person with a shy nature can have a loud voice if they are passionate and committed.

Alana’s journey began with the interest she has always had in nature and the background her parents had in environmental work. It was when she travelled to Antarctica on Students on Ice however, that she became determined to take action and make big changes.

She has made award winning videos on sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and resource conservation, published and presented award winning writing at public events on environment and sustainable agriculture and won awards for nature artwork and photography.

Though clearly a talented artist, Alana has also excelled in science. She has been involved in Canada-wide virtual science fairs, winning Summa Cum Laude three times in a row for projects on Risk Assessment, Polar Bear Protection and Bolstering Biodiversity.

Alana has also been involved in four Caring for Our Watershed competitions. Here, her greatest success was her Kickstart Change project to popularize kicksledding as a sustainable and healthy transportation option. This involved grade eight students constructing kicksleds from materials that would otherwise have gone to landfills and decreasing their fossil fuel emissions through this innovative transportation option.

Her hard work and dedication has taken Alana to Finland, Costa Rica and to the seat beside Al Gore at a luncheon during the Global Student Leaders International Summit.

Alana has also been involved in school and community level projects, has inspired children with her stories, and makes an effort to choose sustainable transportation and reduce her personal energy consumption.

Alana’s mother says that while while it is easy to despair at environmental situations, Alana has given her hope for the future through her series of committed, positive actions.

Alana is currently at Pearson College which has sustainability focus, and hopes to eventually study climate science or ecology at university.

She would like to thank her generous sponsors and supporters, her parents for sharing their knowledge and perspective, her sister for continuing environmental initiatives that Alana has started, the teacher who first told her about Students on Ice, and everyone else in her community that helped her along the way.

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