Alberta's Takota Coen is working on permaculture and sustainable food systems.

Photo from Takota Coen.

Photo from Takota Coen.

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Ferintosh, Alberta

Central to all Takota's work is a passion to help others cultivate a connection to the natural world. He believes that if others see nature as an extension of themselves, they will be drawn to action to protect it.

Born and raised on an organic farm in central Alberta, Takota has had a very personal connection to nature all his life. He remains committed to his community and to regenerative farming.

One of his most important skills is educational outreach and public engagement. He has hosted countless free farm tours to student groups, community members, fellow farmers and anyone who shares an interest in ecological farming. He has also been invited to speak about permaculture design and its role in the future of agriculture at various campuses, community groups and fundraisers.

At all of these events he shares his passion and love for the land by highlighting the many functional connections that his experiences have initiated between, their grass fed cattle, heritage hogs, free range chickens, honeybees, native pollinators, native forests, wildlife and many other elements. He stresses the importance of protecting natural areas, preserving biodiversity and drastically changing our current agricultural methods.

In addition, he founded Deep Roots Design, where he works privately with groups and individuals to help them find ways of integrating permaculture design into their day-to-day lives. Takota wrote bi-weekly articles in his local newspaper about permaculture and what individuals can do in their lives to make changes for the betterment of their town and the planet.

Takota believes that everyone can and should establish a relationship with the land. It is easy to ignore things that are happening in our environment when we surround ourselves with shopping, television, work, and other day to day affairs. Once a relationship with the land is established, so many other ideas fall into place and you being to understand how you are a part of a grander ecological system.

Takota is hope for the future. Seeing young individuals taking a stand and farming in an ethical, sustainable way gives optimism for the future.

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