Folk musician Luke Wallace is providing a voice to rural B.C. communities.

Photo from Luke Wallace.

Photo from Luke Wallace.

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Vancouver, British Columbia

Luke Wallace is “in every respect, an exemplar of environmental leadership”, says Colin Mayer, Luke’s former teacher and nominator. As a musician, documentarian, undergraduate student, and environmental leader, Luke demonstrates how determination, practice, and patience, in combination with the passion for the environment, can achieve remarkable things and inspire people across our country to protect the environment.

Growing up Luke had been exposed to numerous educational opportunities to engage in environmental issues. “I had always been aware of the environment from an academic and empirical side, but took a few years to see that from a more emotional side… I love the west coast and want to see it become as sustainable as possible. I camp all the time and watch four to five sunsets a week from my house – I couldn’t imagine creating a world where we impair those images.”

To raise environmental awareness, Luke recently composed an album titled The Kitimat LP, which “serves to expose the confounding environmental damage that the current fossil-fuel expansion plans may have on our British Columbian coastline.” In conjunction with this musical project, was the development of a documentary film: One Big Coast. In order to understand the impacts of the Northern Gateway Project, Luke “interviewed everyone – from green-minded folks to those less environmentally inclined – and asked them how the project impacts them.”

After premiering One Big Coast in Vancouver, the film went on the road to Montreal, Kitimat, and Terrace, then to over a dozen screenings in the Lower Mainland. “We wanted to connect people to Kitimat, an area that deserves attention. It was great to put this place on the map…,” describes Luke.

“Luke’s use of two creative and unique mediums to share his love for the environment is both powerful and inspirational…[He] represents the driving force of why the environment will be protected…diligence and determination to see his message through,” says Colin. “As an educator, I am truly humbled at what Luke Wallace has been able to accomplish in support of our British Columbian coastline.”

It is clear that at 22, Luke Wallace has already made significant contributions to the world of environmental awareness. On the future, Luke says “I’d like enough people to believe in the power of music (and the power of my music) to build a movement across the nation. I want to provide a voice and vehicle for folks that feel silenced in the current political system.”

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