Ta'Kaiya Blaney is speaking out to protect our planet.

Photo from Del Blaney.

Photo from Del Blaney.

AGE: 14
HOMETOWN: Sliammon Nation, British Columbia

A person is never too young to speak up for what they believe in. Indeed that is true.

However, our number seven environmentalist gives a whole new meaning to what it means to speak out for the environment, to defend Mother Earth, and to stand in solidarity for the causes that we are deeply passionate about.   

Ta’Kaiya Blaney, a 14-year old from Sliammon Nation in British Columbia has been speaking for the environment since was eight years old. She has been traveling around the world spreading her message about the preservation of our Mother Earth. She has spoken at the TUNZA UN children and youth conference on the environment in Bandung, Indonesia, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, the UN International Day of Peace in New York, and was the youngest speaker at the Rio+20 UN conference on the environment in Rio de Janiero and the Power Shift 2013 gathering in Pittsburgh.       

Ta'Kaiya has written and been featured in many video projects, all of which are focused on speaking out for Mother Earth. These include “Love Water”, “Shallow Waters”, “Earth Revolution”, and the HBO series “Saving My Tomorrow”.

At such a young age, Ta’Kaiya knows that as humans who walk upon this earth, it is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain a healthy and safe environment. We all need to take steps towards a clean and healthy future because our earth is undeniably our only home.

Ta’Kaiya’s nominator says that watching her work with so much passion and dedication has taught him that a person is never too young to speak out for what they believe in.  “I am now a different person,” he says. “One that came from a background as a forestry worker to being a protector of forests, rivers, oceans, air, water, plants and animals. I thank Ta'Kaiya for my late enlightenment.”

Everything is interconnected and we were put on this earth to be stewards and caretakers of the environment. After all, “we do not inherit our earth from our ancestors.  We borrow it from our children.”

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