The Starfish Junior Spotlight: ARMS

What if I told you there is a place where you can dig in the dirt, stomp in puddles, and get real muddy for a whole day, and all in the name of science? This magical place where you can get messy, creative, and make new friends really does exist, and it is right in your backyard. The Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) in Maple Ridge takes hands-on learning to new levels and explores local environmental topics in the best classroom - the great outdoors!

At ARMS, everyone believes the best way to connect with nature is to interact with it. There really is something for everyone! Whether you are exploring the life cycle of bugs and insects, restoring river habitats, or working on salmon release projects, you are sure to have a lot of fun and learn something too! You can Identify species, build bird feeders, and talk about the amazing journey that salmon take upstream year after year.

ARMS has awesome camps and school programs which involve fun games and hobbies, and brings characters to life through programming for young people, ages 6 and above. When school is in session, your class can take a unique destination field trip to the Rivers Heritage Centre and the Allco Fish Hatchery, or watch a special presentation to learn about trees, frogs, fish, and more! You and your classmates can become STEWARDS of the Alouette Watershed by sharing what you have learned about protecting the river and all of the plants and creatures that live around it with your friends and family. When you take action to protect and restore these river environments and the salmon, frogs, birds, and bees, you are helping to promote a healthy habitat for these animals.

What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about the ways you can become a salmon steward today!

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The Teacher’s Corner

ARMS’ goal to educate and empower students to take ownership and responsibility for their watershed, and all of the environment they directly impact. ARMS has become involved in almost every aspect of watershed stewardship, including education, inventory and monitoring, habitat restoration, and lobbying for the protection of aquatic habitats. Offering unique In Class Presentations and On Site Field Trips, ARMS specializes in environmental education, while redirecting children back to nature through play. ARMS offers in school presentations that range from topics surrounding biodiversity, water conservation, and habitat protection. Discover something new in your own wild backyard with programs ranging from Bug’s Life, Fantastic Frogs, Trees of Life, Scales and Tales, Creepy Crawlers, Waterwise, Habitat, and more!

Classroom programs have been created with the British Columbia Teachers Learning Outcomes in mind, and each program is relevant to the Fraser Valley ecosystem. All of the knowledge that is learned during these programs can be applied every time a child goes outdoors to explore on their own, in their own neighbourhoods. ARMS also has a fully stocked FREE resource library for your classroom, community group, or home. All of their programs can be adapted to suit specific classroom learning activities, as seen here.

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Rivers Heritage Centre
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