A showerhead that saves.

Image Copyright © 2016 OaSense LLC

Image Copyright © 2016 OaSense LLC

Everyday it seems there’s something new: a new hashtag, a new political movement, or a new invention. But as technology and society rapidly evolve in the effort to create a better society, there are still simple and easy changes we can all do to make progressive changes.

One such thing is a showerhead that OaSense is working to produce. The showerhead conserves water by automatically turning off when someone is not underneath it. This hands-free approach to showering is appealing to people who want to simplify their conservation efforts.

Taking care of the environment is something we all struggle with, especially if it means going out of our way to do something. Nevertheless, while we wait for OaSense to put this invention on the market, we are going to have to find other ways to conserve water.

There are the traditional ways of saving water that most of you have likely already heard of, such as limiting your shower to five minutes or less. You can do this by making a playlist and playing it while you shower, so you know how much time has passed. Other methods include turning off the tap while you brush your teeth and only running the dishwasher or laundry machine when they are full.

You can also purchase and install water saving toilets and showers that use less water without making you feel as if you’re standing under a dripping faucet. Or, if you are feeling really dedicated, you can flush your toilet by pouring dirty water, such as the soapy water from your shower that would have otherwise gone down the drain into the bowl. It makes little sense to flush a toilet with clean water, so why not reuse some water?

You can also take your water saving routine to the next level by taking a ‘navy shower’. This is where you turn on your shower and briefly cover yourself with water.. Then, turn off the shower and lather up, and finally turn the shower back on to rinse everything off.

Saving water is something we are all capable of doing, just not all of us are willing to take the time to do it. There are methods out there for all of us; simple and easy ones like turning off the tap when you're brushing your teeth, for those of us who might not be willing to take the time to go hardcore and collect dirty water to flush the toilet. Start with something easy and work your way up. Once something is integrated into your routine, it becomes second nature and will feel as easy as if you were not doing it at all.