#SFTop25 finalist 2017 - Ethan Elliott

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Age: 15
Hometown: Stratford, Ontario

We all love the fruits and blooms of a bee’s labour. Protecting their habitat is something we must continue to strive for in our ever changing and growing communities. One such worker bee recognizes this responsibility and has committed his passion to pollinator protection: Stratford’s very own Ethan Elliott.

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As a long-time member of the Ontario Nature Youth Council, Ethan had a vision for his city. It involved the collaboration and support of the Bee City Canada program. It was the program director herself, Gillian Leitch, that has seen first hand Ethan’s drive and determination to bring his city on board with pollination protection. He showed initiative on the project but the longevity and sustainability of the plan lies in his persistence and awareness efforts that continually brings to the council.

Ethan’s actionable attitude towards a sustainable future in pollinator protection has mobilized the ongoing support of the Bee City Canada as he aspires to bring his work to the provincial level. He brought the matter to the attention of the city council and has taken ownership role in ensuring a high level of protection and promotion of pollinators.

His love of pollinator gardens started at a young age and it remains important to this day that he continues his work on both an exemplary level and a community awareness level. He plans to plant two pollinator gardens, one in Kitchener and another in his hometown Stratford.

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Ethan realizes that his passion was sparked at a young age and that he has the tools and spirit to lead and inspire the generations to come as well. This is key to his future forward thinking, and in planting these pollinator gardens he also plants the opportunity for kids from different cultures to learn more about this important environmental initiative. His leadership is one that is powerful in helping others realize their own leading potential. This type of effect can be far reaching and we can’t wait to see the impact these actions of his today will have on generations of tomorrow.

At the young age of 15, Ethan Elliott knows what it takes to bring about real change. He demonstrates the importance of collaboration in order to make seemingly difficult feats into achievable goals. His relationship with the Bee City Canada remains strong and a force he will use to ignite the same environmental stewardship among the youth in his community and beyond. As a new nominee of the Starfish’s Top 25 Under 25, Ethan’s work thus far and his future aspirations are 100 percent buzz-worthy.  

This article was sponsored by Ontario Nature. Here’s what they have to say about Ethan:

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Congratulations, Ethan, on all of your environmental initiatives and successes. You continue to be an inspiration to your community and our entire Youth Council and Ontario Nature team, and we are very proud to call you a member of our loon family. We are excited to see where you go from here and know the future is very bright for you.