#SFTop25 finalist 2017 - Miranda Andersen


Age: 17
Hometown: Belcarra, British Columbia


While the salmon teemed with life at the Mossom Hatchery in Vancouver, British Columbia, a curious volunteer began to hatch a plan of her own. Miranda Andersen has been a dedicated environmentalist since her connection was forged with nature and all its beauty. As early as the age of eight, it was beside the very stream that spawned such life that became her teacher of advocacy for the environment and sustainability.

Since the inception of her advocacy, she has made herself an acclaimed film-maker and environmental ambassador through local, national and international film festivals. Her inspiration comes not only from her creative film-making platform, but in the grand mobilization of her stories and her tenacious outreach to students, fellow volunteers and the community.

The topics of Miranda’s films are as far reaching as the coral reefs, as high as tall as the threatened forests, and as vast as the electronic waste disposal collections that she led and established in her very own community. While the subject matter often changes in each film, her dedication to environmental health and preservation emanates through her work on screen and in person. To say that she is well informed would be a severe understatement as Miranda continuously takes it upon herself to not only learn, but to teach as well.


Her goal of instituting the environment as a studied subject in the school’s curriculum had surpassed her expectations as it found its way into the classrooms of students in Haiti. Her TEDxkids talk had such an impact on an international scale that from then she realized the power of media as a platform for advocacy. She incorporated environmentally themed films to document and share her passion for the preservation of nature, which can be found on her website; www.enufsaid.ca. From this point her mission statement became clearer: to help as many people as she can forge their own connection to the environment as her early experiences had done for her.

Her vision for a healthier planet is proving to have an effective impact as a volunteer, teacher and creative producer, referencing the statement, “The issues dealt with are global, but the opportunities to make a difference are local.”

Miranda is in the driver’s seat of environmental education and hopes to steer it towards a provincial, if not national, level within the curriculum. If these are just the early phases of a long lasting career in environmental advocacy, you can bet that Miranda Andersen will be at the forefront of the next change-makers innovation of sustainable living.


  • Miranda is the winner of the prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for outstanding volunteer service.

  • Miranda received the Nature Inspiration Award from the Canadian Museum of Nature, which was donated to the Mossom Hatchery.

  • She was recognized as one of the Top 30 under 30 by the North American Association of Environmental Education and was the winner of the 2015 Nature Inspiration award.

  • Miranda has been a keynote speaker for the Children and Nature Network, and presented a TEDx kids talk on the subject of Nature Deficit Disorder.