#SFTop25 finalist 2017 - Jack Mogus


Age: 17
Hometown: Oakville, Ontario


In 2012, Jack was approached by an Education Advisor for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, asking if he would be interested in helping the nation get much needed equipment to start a team. Without hesitation, Jack contacted his grade seven teacher at school and asked if he could run a used skate and hockey equipment drive for the children up north. Within a week of his first used equipment drive, Jack collected enough skates and previously used gear for all the students in Fort Severn.

During the past four years of collecting and sorting, Jack was able to refurbish those skates by sharpening blades, adding new laces and some cleanings. Many children from the nation have expressed gratitude for Jack’s thoughtfulness, friendship and generosity in helping them enjoy a sport he has always cherished.


Since organizing his very first used equipment drive, Jack has collected, shipped and diverted 2,500 used skates and hockey equipment from local landfills and into the hands of children and teens in need.

At the age of 12, Jack founded an organization called ‘Change By Youth’; a volunteer-led, youth-driven nonprofit that strives to promote youth empowerment, development and leadership through numerous philanthropic opportunities.

It was through the creation of his organization that Jack was able to secure and oversee the volunteer efforts during his annual multi-site cleanups of 600 community members of all ages. In 2013, Jack was awarded the national title of ‘Site Coordinator’ at the age of only 13 by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for his commitment and dedication in helping keep our shorelines free of harmful debris and recyclables.

Today, Jack oversees a team of youth leaders and manages several hundred registered volunteers who contribute to the betterment of our environment through those volunteer opportunities he makes available throughout the year.


  • Jack has led over 20 environmental workshops at the Halton-Eco-Festival and has provided hundreds of children with free plant seedlings through his workshops in an effort to get children and teens involved in responsible environmental stewardship.

  • Jack is also an active volunteer with the Bronte Creek Provincial Park, where he teaches young children about the conservation lands as a front line volunteer at the Nature Centre.

Kyle Empringham