#SFTop25 finalist 2017 - Shelby Kitt


Age: 25
Hometown: North Vancouver, British Columbia


As Shelby would tell you, she literally grew up in the bushes. You can get to her house by boat only, and she’d have to be picked up by a water taxi to get to school every day. Her house didn’t have heat unless you used a fire or wood stove, and there was no electricity.

As you can imagine, this sort of upbringing solidified her relationship with nature, jumping into the ocean year-round and seeing bears and cougars from her window.


When she got into university, she found it difficult to see how others we so detached from an environmental ethic. She began thinking about different ways she could talk about environmentalism. She’s landed on calling herself a ‘corporate hippie’ -- someone that’s still rooted in environmentalism at its core, but blending that with business models that benefit conservation efforts.

She’s been an intern with a nonprofit that facilitates responsible investment practices (the cumulative assets of their clients totals $14 billion). As a team, they’ve hosted over 200 attendees at a B.C. pension summit to discuss how to invest their money responsibly.

Shelby also does a great deal of communications and outreach work, both for local groups and of her own accord. Some of those groups include the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society, the B.C. Green Chamber of Commerce, and her own website -- themoderntreehugger.com. Through these efforts, she’s learned that environmentalism is not only a moral issue, but also a business reality with other factors that come into play.

She’s excited to keep moving forward on her path to environmental sustainability and to make a real difference in Vancouver. Her ideal gig would be to help increase business transparency, helping others disclose carbon emissions and enforcing ethical sourcing in some manner. No matter the cause, we know Shelby will be a green force that will help keep our businesses fair and green.

This article was sponsored by Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC). Here’s what they have to say about Shelby:


The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) would like to congratulate Shelby for being recognized as one of Canada's top 25 Environmentalists under 25. As her colleagues on the Board of SPEC we are excited that she has received the distinction and are truly confident that this is just the beginning of an exciting career with many more successes to come.