Posts in Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25
Folk musician Luke Wallace is providing a voice to rural B.C. communities.

Luke Wallace is “in every respect, an exemplar of environmental leadership”, says Colin Mayer, Luke’s former teacher and nominator. As a musician, documentarian, undergraduate student, and environmental leader, Luke demonstrates how determination, practice, and patience, in combination with the passion for the environment, can achieve remarkable things and inspire people across our country to protect the environment.

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Emi Belliveau-Thompson is working to divest Dalhousie from fossil fuels.

One of the biggest obstacles in the fight against climate change is overcoming over a century of economic assumptions that point towards fossil fuels being a sound investment. Forcing a paradigm shift is no easy task. It requires smart, passionate advocates who are willing to overcome deeply ingrained institutions and force a new way of thinking. Fortunately for anyone who takes the threat of climate change seriously, there are people like Emilia Belliveau-Thompson leading the charge.

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11-year-old Rupert Yakelashek is mobilizing the right to a healthy environment in British Columbia.

At the young age of eleven, Rupert has demonstrated that there is no minimum age required for promoting environmental rights. He is also proving that, no matter how young you may be, it is never too early to understand what a healthy planet is supposed to look like

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