2018 #SFTop25 Finalist - Jason Pang

With the heart of a true green leader, Jason's love for the environment is evident; he immerses himself in obtaining knowledge and experiences, shares what he's learned, investigates environmental issues and works with others to find creative solutions. A rising star like Jason shines not only through the leadership positions he has taken on, but also through the relentless strive that sets himself apart from other youth his age. People around him are in awe of the dedication that he continues to devote to the issues that he is aware of.

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2018 #SFTop25 Finalist - Dillon Mendes

"What if for one day everyone picked up one piece of litter. That's 7 billion pieces of litter that will not end up in our waterways, killing our animals and contaminating our water supply!"

That statement resonated with Dillon. He couldn’t shake it out of his head. So that night, he called Sam and asked how you take that statement and turn it into action. From that day, PickWaste was born.

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