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6 must-read posts about environmentalism in 2013.

We've had a great year at The Starfish Canada! Thanks to your generous contributions, we'll be going nonprofit in 2014 and working to expand all of our current programming. In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the best articles of 2013, all done by volunteer writers.

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Universal Pictures’ “The Lorax” misses the environmental mark.

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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has been made into a motion picture, set to enter theatres this Friday, March 2. Being an all-time fan of this book, and loving the environmental messages that come from this cute and heartwarming story, I must say that my expectations were high. However, after a short investigation of the marketing and the adaptation of this book, I find myself quite heartbroken.

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Planning for Failure (Part II)
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The following is a modification of a speech that I presented last week. I know that it is quite long, but I hope it is valuable.

"Being interested in success means learning to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of getting to the top."

What valuable words shared by Dr. Joyce. It sounds inspirational, encouraging and motivating…it sounds like really great advice…well at least to the untrained ear. 

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Breathe Baby Breathe (or not).
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Humans are great procrastinators. We put off our chores until we can’t see the bottom of the sink. We put off our homework until the morning its due. We even put off getting out of bed until we absolutely HAVE TO. But one thing that we cannot postpone is the act of breathing. 

For obvious reasons, breathing is not a choice. It is not something that we can put off until we have more time or until we are in a more suitable environment. Even though we usually do it subconsciously, it is something that must be done………..on time…………every time.

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: How much are ecosystem services worth to you?

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In 1987, Robert Costanza from the University of Maryland (and colleagues) published a monumental paper in the scientific journal Nature, stating the value of global ecosystem services to be between $16 and 54 trillion USD/year – a benefit that isn’t accounted for in most estimates of GNP. Before taking those numbers at face value, I thought to myself – what IS an ecosystem service? 

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Learn from the past for a better future.
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I was reading a fairly interesting article in a grassroots environmental magazine when a light bulb began sizzling above my head.  It was an idea so simple that I can’t understand why we didn’t come up with it before………oh wait! We did…..and then money-hungry politicians and businessmen decided to take the reins of society into their own coin-drenched hands.

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