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Why running and the environment go hand in hand

It’s no surprise that environmental matters and physical activity can go hand in hand. Putting on the runners and getting out to a place with some trees and fresh air can go a long way. You can help yourself by elevating your heart rate and exercising your body while also benefiting from everything the outdoors can offer - vitamin D from the sun, peace and serenity from the air and surrounding foliage, and maybe even some moisture from the rain.

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Stories the ocean holds

When walking by the shore, picking up seashells is only natural. In Hawaii, I collected ocean treasures by the beach. Yet, it was my “Kuleana“, a Hawaiian word to describe one’s shared responsibility, to place them back. What I brought home as souvenirs from Hawaii were stories from some of the best storytellers I’ve ever met. These stories about our collective kuleana are ones I’ll always treasure.

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Ambassadors of the ocean

An ambassador is someone who works to represent or promote a certain activity. As CC-IUCN Youth Ambassadors, Caroline, Sam and Elyse got the chance to represent Canadian youth at the World Conservation Congress.  But there are many nature ambassadors in this world that often go unnoticed. Let’s recognize some special Ocean Ambassadors...the surf bums.

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What if we talked about climate change as much as we talked about Donald Trump?

My anxious fingers skim over my Indigo re-gifted tropical coloured keyboard cover as I type into the Google search bar the infamous name: “Donald Trump”. Instantly, I am flooded with a whopping 397 million results. News stories, tweets, and pictures. Looking to prove my point, but unsure if I can, I now type “climate change” into the search bar.

Bingo: 140 million results.

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