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What you can do to help Canada's sharks.

Sharks are some of the most diverse and enigmatic creatures that occupy the vast sea. Often we hear about shark spotting around the globe, but sharks are also in Canadian waters. Twenty-eight species of shark have been reported in Canadian waters; fourteen of which can be found in the Pacific and twenty in the Atlantic and Arctic. Although they pose very little threat to humans, many people still fear sharks and are causing their rapid decline.

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Giant boat-knives and other bad decisions: The tale of the basking shark.

The ocean is full of sea monsters. That is a pretty well established fact. Any parent who has ever told an insomniac child, awake and trembling at 3AM, that there is no such thing has clearly never seen a picture of a giant squid or an angler fish. Sea monsters range from the very small (jellies) to the unfathomably enormous, but few are as impressive as the basking shark (known to science by the delightfully gladiatorial name of Certorhinus maximus).

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Whale sharks in Canada!?

For the record, there are no man-eating sharks in Lake Ontario and no megalodons swim in our seas (I promise they are extinct!). Nonetheless, sharks do inhabit Canadian waters including 21 species in the Atlantic16 species in the Pacific, and up to 8 species in the Arctic. However, most Canadians are unaware that included in this list of Canadian sharks is a single visit by the current title holder of ‘world’s largest fish’ – the whale shark.

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