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#GreenHamOnt: The importance of activism for a greener Hamilton.

There is a substantial community of environmental activists in Hamilton. I began to feel a part of this when I was 13 years old and my family was involved in the fight to protect the Red Hill Valley. Despite losing the battle, strong connections were forged between people working through that struggle and this establishment of trust between Hamiltonian environmental activists continues to aid contemporary causes.

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#GreenHamOnt: Sustainability 101 - Bringing sustainability to McMaster University.

As McMaster continues to advance sustainability on campus and within the community, this year marks new developments in bringing sustainability into the classroom through a focus on interdisciplinary, student-led, community-based and experiential education. These developments have been facilitated in a number of different ways and through a wide variety of programs.

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#GreenHamOnt: One family's journey to becoming greener.

I just recently returned to my first career aspiration in writing, and with it I began to scrutinize the way I live and teach about food because my five year old knew nothing about the world that sustains us beyond that it “comes from the store.” I wish I could say it was because he was five, but the reality is that as a society we're becoming increasingly disconnected from what it takes to live on this world without taking it for granted and destroying it.

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