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Zero-waste profile #2: Free Geek Toronto.

Although zero-waste initiatives are largely considered an environmentally driven initiative, there is often much more to the picture than saving the planet from garbage.  Take, for example, Free Geek.  Sure, they collect used electronics, such as laptops and keyboards, but their mission expands far beyond the recycling of e-waste.

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Zero-waste profile #1: The Soap Dispensary.

Do you find yourself facing an internal struggle every time you are forced to buy another plastic bottle of dish detergent, another plastic bottle of hand soap, or another plastic bottle of bathroom cleaner?  If so, you are not alone.  Every household and personal care product purchased in a plastic bottle contributes to the ‘single-use’ phenomenon, troubling many of today’s consumers.  But what power do we have, as the people buying these products, to reduce the amount of waste produced just from buying items that we need for our homes?

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