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Simply adrift: Reconnecting with my love for nature.

The dawn of 2015 came with renewed ambition to make this year even better than the last. Promises of world adventures loom, while finishing my studies is, hopefully, inevitable. However, the first few months of 2015 have been a constant struggle, and I have been asking myself why this hurdle exists. Why can’t I think beyond the overwhelming course load, my research, and all the stress in every aspect of my life?

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Canadians are getting outside and experiencing nature.

Let’s face facts. Right now, you’re at your computer screen, you’re likely sitting down, and you’re likely indoors (or for our mobile viewers, likely on public transit). This malevolent increase in a mostly sedentary lifestyle has some clear downfalls, but research shows that getting outside and experiencing nature’s the best way to combat the office blues. Across Canada, people are doing just that.


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The 30x30 Nature Challenge is getting Canadians outside every day.

It had been a tough few months; a semester that came with more than its share of challenges. I came out of winter disheartened, stressed, hardened, and feeling a little bit depressed. By Easter, I had decided that I had to find a way out of this ever-growing funk. I wanted to re-connect with my surroundings, and myself, and enjoy Vancouver, the city I have been waiting to move back to since I left 18 years ago. Then, at the beginning of May, my friend Rebecca told me of a project she was registered to participate in. Like me, she had a stressful year and wanted to get back touch with nature. “I really love being in nature, and I find it balances me out…I do feel like I derive a spiritual sense of connectedness in nature”, Rebecca told me. The project she encouraged me to join was the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 challenge, an “annual intervention aimed to increase Canadian’s contact with the natural environment, [by having] volunteers pledge to spend a minimum of 30 mins outdoors in contact with nature, for 30 days during the month of May.”

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