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Wildlife conservation in Canada: Who says we have the right to kill animals?

Recently, a news story reported that Bryce Casavant, a conservation officer in British Columbia, refused orders to kill two black bear cubs that were found raiding a meat freezer in a mobile home near Port Hardy. Previously, the mother of the cubs had been repeatedly ransacking the same freezer, resulting in her being killed by the conservation service. In search of the mother, the curious cubs remained on-site. Instead of following orders, the officer captured the cubs and took them to a veterinary hospital, followed by a wildlife recovery association. The association said that the officer did the right thing by not killing the cubs, since they posed no risk and could be re-introduced into the wild in the future. Due to disobeying orders, Bryce Casavant was suspended without pay from his job. This is not the first time a wild animal has been killed for being habituated to humans and it won’t be the last. In 2013, a friendly deer was killed in British Columbia after videos of the deer nuzzling and approaching humans was posted online.  

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