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How is cultural diversity changing cities?

I recently spoke with Julian Agyeman, professor of Urban Planning at Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Agyeman visited our university a few months ago to present a talk at the Center for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University called “Diaspora, Sustainability, and Development: Meeting at the Nexus”.

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City as space, space as phenomenon.

The idea that your living environment, in this case designed accessibility and city scale, affects your social well-being, happiness, and overall health is nothing new. Urban planners and architects are highly in tune with this insight, devoting their lives to bettering the quality and experience of life. By virtue of being immediately apparent, this idea has had very little exploration in the philosophical realm of phenomenology, a field of study hinging on the postulate that a person is subject to the phenomenon of the objects around them. Phenomenology can be as difficult to conceptualize as it is to pronounce. For example, while we may encounter a cup as being separate from the table upon which it sits both the cup and the table remain indifferent to their own distinctions as separate objects, as well as insensitive to the people upon which they impose such distinctions. In this sense, the objects impose a particular sense of being, of objecthood, upon people who are helplessly drawn into the phenomenon of experiencing the objects in a particular way.

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