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What if we talked about climate change as much as we talked about Donald Trump?

My anxious fingers skim over my Indigo re-gifted tropical coloured keyboard cover as I type into the Google search bar the infamous name: “Donald Trump”. Instantly, I am flooded with a whopping 397 million results. News stories, tweets, and pictures. Looking to prove my point, but unsure if I can, I now type “climate change” into the search bar.

Bingo: 140 million results.

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Bio-Bus: An innovative initiative.

In the United Kingdom there is a British eco-friendly bus which runs on human and food wastes. This unique bus seats up to 40 passengers, and it runs 186 mile using one full tank. A full tank is equivalent to the waste of five people for one year. The bus serves one route and there is a plan to increase the number ofroutes in the near future to serve 10,000 passengers a month.

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Electric vehicles: 3 reasons why they are going to be adopted quicker than we think.

There are varied perceptions of electric vehicles. Some traditional motorists will quickly dismiss them, claiming that their range limitations, recharge times, and upfront costs are an insurmountable obstacle to widespread adoption. On the other end of the spectrum, you may hear some electric vehicle owners proclaim that they are the next logical step in the development of the automobile; after all, they are silent, efficient, produce zero or low emissions (depending on the electricity source), and have low operating costs. Given the spectrum of opinions and their potential role in reducing carbon emissions it's important to ask the question: Which of these two sides is more accurate?

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How to stay positive in the face of climate change.

They say ignorance is bliss. When it comes to climate change, I couldn't agree more. Some days I wish I didn't know what was happening with our climate. A few articles and papers on climate change is all it takes to make even the most optimistic person depressed. For those that are aware of climate change, how it will impact the world, and the lack of political leadership on the issue, it's difficult to stay positive and be excited for the future. After all, climate change is arguably the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. Despite the direction we are headed, it's now more important than ever to stay positive but how?

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