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The story of (gently) used stuff.

I recently moved from a spacious apartment in Hamilton, to a little shoebox of a condo in Toronto. To put the dimensions in perspective, ordering an extra large pizza makes my new apartment feel cramped. In the process of downsizing, I had to get rid of most of my carefully collected furniture - a handmade coffee table, a ratty old couch, and a (deeply beloved) set of wine glasses shaped like owls - were just some of the collectibles that were not deemed fit for the long trek to Toronto. While a lot of this furniture was given away, I discovered an exciting new tool during my move - used goods marketplaces. I had previously deemed online communities like Kijiji and Craigslist "sketchy" and "the perfect way to meet a serial killer." However, with a long list of items to dispose of and a rapidly expiring lease, I reevaluated my stance

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