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Shark fin soup: A dangerous delicacy

I grew up in an Asian household where shark fin soup was highly regarded. I have eaten the dish at Chinese weddings and at other Chinese celebrations. I was told that it was a privilege to have shark fin soup and consuming it was very beneficial for my health. I grew up with many Chinese traditions which I did not question, solely because they have been done for hundreds of years. In my case, the horrors of shark fin soup were brought to light when I first watched Gordon Ramsay’s Shark Bait documentary.

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The Next Cuban Invasion?

The first invasion of Cuba took place on April 17, 1961 when a certain CIA-run paramilitary group, Brigade 2506, unsuccessfully tried to take power from the hands of the communistic government run by Fidel Castro. The set of incidents that followed and is infamously known only from its enigmatic, yet descriptive name: “Invasion in the Bay of Pigs” has been widely discussed in history books. What happened in that invasion can be described as a lengthy period of the US-Cuban relationship of mutual critique, travel and trade barriers, as well as no standard international politics modus operandi. These are all widely known, historical facts and this situation has been in place for the last 54 years or so.

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How is cultural diversity changing cities?

I recently spoke with Julian Agyeman, professor of Urban Planning at Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Agyeman visited our university a few months ago to present a talk at the Center for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University called “Diaspora, Sustainability, and Development: Meeting at the Nexus”.

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