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Online courses: Accessing nature through the Internet.

If you are looking to expand your­ knowledge of and familiarity with environmentally focused science and issues, free online courses are a great resource for doing so on your own time and at your own pace.  While most of the courses that I want to take are at the undergraduate level, the material covered is generally less detailed than your typical university course, so it can take less time and studying to grasp and understand the material.  Instead of aimlessly browsing the Internet to learn about climatology or environmental activism, online courses are a great way to gain information without consuming too much time or spending any money. So, I decided to complete a few online courses to explore what kind of environmental and nature programs the Internet has to offer.

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Investing in children; investing in the future: The importance of teaching today’s youth about the environment.

It can be argued that educating youth is the first step towards making the world a greener place. Many elementary level schools worldwide already have and are continuing to develop into ‘green schools’.  Community gardens planted by students as part of the biology or social science curriculum, for instance, gives youth hands-on experience that is severely lacking in many of today’s education systems.  Students also gain valuable experience with sustainable gardening and learning how to make healthy food choices.

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Educate the North, educate the South, & empower youth.

I am attending the central hub of this conference in Ottawa, Ontario, along with approximately 75 young people representing organizations from Northern Canada, Europe, and Asia.  On Saturday, February 1st, an early start immediately brought on an engaging discussion on the role of education about Arctic issues, and what this could mean for YAC.

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