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2015 Canadian Federal Debate: energy and pipelines.

The national leaders of Canada’s political parties’ for the upcoming federal election on October 19th, 2015 finally had their first debate hosted by Maclean’s Magazine and moderated by Paul Wells, their political editor. While they touched on several topics such as the economy (Harper's government record especially), taxes, democratic reform, and Bill C-51, the most pressing issues for myself was to hear about energy and the environment for two reasons. First, climate change. As a prime minister, I want an elected leader to be concerned with climate change (that is, growing greenhouse gas emissions [GHG]) while growing the economy. I believe this means investing in other energy sources such as solar, wind, and nuclear (arguing why we need nuclear will require an entire article itself), while meeting the current energy demands Canadian lifestyles require. Here is the current trajectory of Canadian emissions.

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