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Electric vehicles: Not all they're 'charged up' to be?

The electric car, designed to reduce emissions that are detrimental to our health (such as noxious gases), and our environment (CO2, most infamously), is an increasingly feasible alternative solution to the typical gasoline or diesel vehicle. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular amongst drivers and fleets alike, and companies are taking advantage of incentives to convince customers to make the switch to electric vehicles. British Columbia is a province that has taken the initiative to provide some of these incentives; for example, the 'BC Scrap It' program offers a $3000 incentive. Although many people view the electric car as the best option to help reduce emissions, new research shows that this might not be the case, as total emissions will most likely not decrease. Why is this the case? Well, it largely depends on where this electricity comes from, and also where people live.

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Electric vehicles: 3 reasons why they are going to be adopted quicker than we think.

There are varied perceptions of electric vehicles. Some traditional motorists will quickly dismiss them, claiming that their range limitations, recharge times, and upfront costs are an insurmountable obstacle to widespread adoption. On the other end of the spectrum, you may hear some electric vehicle owners proclaim that they are the next logical step in the development of the automobile; after all, they are silent, efficient, produce zero or low emissions (depending on the electricity source), and have low operating costs. Given the spectrum of opinions and their potential role in reducing carbon emissions it's important to ask the question: Which of these two sides is more accurate?

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