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Whitehorse's Malkolm Boothroyd is adding a youth voice to environmentally responsible development in Canada.

When it comes to living a well-rounded sustainable lifestyle, Malkolm Boothroyd is showing the world just how it is done. Not only is Malkolm committed to fossil fuel divestment initiatives, he raises important environmental issues at local activist events, and is conscious in his energy consumption patterns. At 23 years old, Malkolm has made some very outstanding and impactful contributions to the environmental movement.

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Youth are taking charge of the divestment movement.

By buying products that are healthier for the environment, you are sending a clear message to the market that there is a demand for that product. As sales drop on more toxic products, stores stop stocking them. A new movement is working on the same principles, but on a larger scale - they’re asking institutions to drop their fossil fuel investments. 

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Kelsey Mech is working hard to divest fossil fuels at the University of Victoria.

Kelsey Mech has been an environmentalist from a young age. Travelling by sailboat for five years through Mexico, Central and South America with her parents, Kelsey saw the environmental destruction associated with human actions through witnessing the bleaching of coral and the slashing and burning of rainforests. However, the most pivotal moment from the trip was standing on the beach of the San Blas Islands in Panama when she was 12 years old. Here she met a young indigenous girl, not much younger than her. The two stood on the beach watching the waves slowly erode the sand beneath their feet. In that moment, the girl said to her, in Spanish, “This is my home, my island, they are disappearing. This is because of climate change.” It was then that her life became powerfully influenced, sending Kelsey on her current journey.

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