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Will fonia become the new quinoa?

Back in June 2014 I wrote an article entitled “Wanted: Quinoa”. I stated that quinoa’s marketing success might be a good example for other indigenous grains from developing worlds to follow, such as the grain fonio. And here we are. March 2015, Canada, Vancouver’s Whole Foods Market: I bought my first food store chain marketed package of fonio. It wasn't cheap, priced at CAD $8.99 per 300 g, but I bought it anyway, having little idea on how to use it. I bought it in the hope that many others who recently meticulously packed their shopping baskets with quinoa will also try this West African novelty. But before I started to cook with fonio, I decided to look for answers to a few questions: Why would one be willing to purchase fonio instead of quinoa? What differentiates fonio from quinoa? Can fonio become as successful in the Western world markets as quinoa has?

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