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Enter the robot.

Someone told me recently that humanity, as we know it, will cease to exist in the future. Our bodies will be transformed completely and will be unified with machines. We will become cyborgs. Our living quarters will be dense, our bodies an amalgamation of robotics and organic matter, and sex will go the way of the dodo as humans achieve immortality and become asexual, therefore rendering reproduction as obsolete. In this brave new world it is possible that clean air and a stable climate could become unnecessary for our survival. Our mechanically enhanced bodies and cognitive faculties will be able to provide the solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues of survival (terminal disease, move over!). Those pesky impacts of climate change? Not a problem – perhaps our future cyborg selves will build that Spaceship Earth we’ve all been talking about. And food? Modern-day GMOs will be transformed and all the necessary ingredients for a healthy cyborg will be put into a single pill. Presto! McDonald’s is served.

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