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Review: Jungle School

Jungle School is a movie with plenty of soul. Based on the autobiographical book by Butet Manurung, the film follows a teacher with a desire to teach the Orang Rimba people native to Bukit Dua Belas National Park, a conservation area in Sumatra, Indonesia. Hiking the Makekal riverbed with the help of two local boys as guides, the optimistic teacher establishes a makeshift school for children living in the remote forest whose tribes possess a healthy suspicion of outsiders. Adapting her methods to their needs, Butet reflects on the precarious balance between tradition and modernity, the role of education, and what meaningful engagement looks like with this community. As the Orang Rimba struggle with forces affecting their land and livelihoods like park expansion, illegal logging, and palm plantations, education reveals its value. Jungle School raises provocative questions about conservation and cultural transformation in a time mired with change for the Orang Rimba while providing a vivid snapshot of their lives.


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Some hopeful stories for your winter blues.

It would be an understatement to say I dislike winter - the grey skies, incessant snow shoveling and the unusually cold weather we've faced this year has me longing for April already. How about some good news? We've spent the holiday season inundated with stories of rampant consumerism, wasteful spending and general doom-and-gloom prophecies for the environment - I know I could use some mid-winter cheer!

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