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Are low-ridership transit routes sustainable?

We’ve all seen the bus with only two or three people on it and thought… is this really sustainable? Surely it would be more efficient, and cheaper for society, if that bus wasn’t running at all. The simple answer is, when considering greenhouse gas emissions, unless that standard bus has at least 6 people on it then it is less efficient than if all those people were driving cars. Of course, the truth is slightly more complicated than that.

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Bio-Bus: An innovative initiative.

In the United Kingdom there is a British eco-friendly bus which runs on human and food wastes. This unique bus seats up to 40 passengers, and it runs 186 mile using one full tank. A full tank is equivalent to the waste of five people for one year. The bus serves one route and there is a plan to increase the number ofroutes in the near future to serve 10,000 passengers a month.

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