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The Species At Risk Act and Northern Gateway.

The construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline to transport Alberta oil to the ports of British Columbia’s west coast for distribution to Asian markets is ripe with environmental controversy. While proponents of the project tout the world-class safety measures that will prevent environmental catastrophes, it has not eased the plethora of concerns; one of which is the inevitably of accidents based on past oil and pipeline track record. Other concerns are firmly rooted in the probability that construction and operation of the pipeline will degrade BC’s pristine old growth forests and untouched coasts, and disrupt the lives of humans and already threatened species that inhabit the province. Many residents of Canada believe proactive planning needs to be implemented to prevent permanent damage to the species and ecosystems that inhabit the span between Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, BC. Rightly so, given planning and recovery strategies are legally required on behalf of the federal government through the Species at Risk Act (SARA). 

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