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Apathy & student voters: Blame can rest on millennials if transit referendum fails.

With the transit referendum underway and ballots being mailed out until mid-May, I eagerly await the results. A successful referendum could see dramatic improvements in livability for the region, while a failed vote will see increasing congestion and emissions for several more years. Unfortunately, early polling doesn’t look good: a poll from early-March suggests that 55% of voters plan to vote No, while just 33% are in favour. For a region like Metro Vancouver that prides itself on livability, how can this be? Much of the referendum focus has shifted to Translink and their governance the ‘No’ side has played this up with misleading arguments and distorted facts. After all, this referendum has nothing to do with Translink (which is actually an efficient and effective transportation authority); instead, it has to do with a proposed set of key infrastructure upgrades that are in the public interest and proposed by elected mayors. Despite the misinformation campaign, the anti-tax and anti-Translink rhetoric is an easy sell. But can the rhetoric translate into a failed referendum that we desperately need to succeed? Put another way, isn’t there a way for the referendum to pass despite the misleading arguments brought forth by the No side? The answer to that question lies with students and, to a larger extent, millennials.

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