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Conservation guru Yoko Lu is helping local groups create change.

For people like Yoko Lu, care and compassion for the environment started at a young age. “Growing up in China and Japan, I stayed up well past my bed time, reading on nature, biodiversity and conservation,” Yoko mentioned to us. “Since immigrating to Canada with my family at the age of nine, I have truly learned the value and importance of our natural environment.”

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7 tips on how to become a cycling guru.

The fear of cycling on the road is often the main deterrent for potential cyclists. After all, as science dictates that momentum = mass times velocity, vehicles will surely have greater momentum than a cyclist. Despite this, the inherent assumption that cycling is dangerous is ill-informed; with proper education, cycling can be a safe, fun, and efficient means of transportation (and an excellent leisure activity)! To prepare you for Bike to Work and School Week (October 27 - 31) and help you make the transition from the doldrums of rush-hour driving to the exciting realm of cycling, We’ve got some critical tips that will help you become a safe and smart cycling guru.

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Tesicca Truong is making Vancouver a more sustainable city.

Tesicca is no stranger to the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program – her initiatives with the Vancouver School Board landed her a spot on the list just last year in 2013. Since then, Tesicca has continued to show outstanding dedication to the environment, and has proven that she does indeed remain an active environmentalist.  

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