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Kokou Elom Bayita: Informing and motivating citizens in Togo, Africa.

In preparation for the upcoming 10th World Wilderness Congress in October, the Starfish has collaborated with CoalitionWild to announce finalists for its 'Wilder World Challenge'. Here, we present the stories of a passionate and innovative movement of people under 30, seeking to create a wilder world.

The opportunity to gather in solidarity and discuss issues of interest is a valuable experience. The ability to discuss issues with others, especially experts on the subject, can be incredibly useful. Campaigns, which revolve around environmental issues, can be scarce in developing countries and, consequently, excludes citizens from information and input. In Togo, Africa, Kokou Elom Bayita has initiated many valuable campaigns around citizenship, the environment, and the practice of hygiene/public sanitation. Bayita’s diligent work to organize individuals and provide a space for learning is outstanding. As one of the finalists in CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge, we recognize Bayita’s social beneficence and dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles for everyone.


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