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Hamilton's bike share pedals towards sustainable transport.

This summer, Hamilton will be launching a progressive and innovative Bike Share program to help citizens choose active transportation. The Social Bikes (SoBi) system combines technology and sustainability to offer Hamilton residents a healthier, more enjoyable commute. With 105 stations to pick up and return a bike, SoBi brings reliability and efficiency to a rider’s commute. Utilizing a mobile app, users can conveniently reserve, check out and ride one of the many bikes throughout the city. The bike sharing system can help commuters expand their personal sustainability practices while giving Hamilton a sustainable nudge.

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Turning the Wheels of Progress for City Cycling.

Photo by James D. Schwartz |

Every week, Toronto residents make approximately 3 million bicycle trips, and 1 million of the city’s 2.7 million residents use the bicycle as a regular means of transportation. That’s over 30% of Toronto’s population! Yet, only 2% of the city’s roads have bike lanes. Perhaps more daunting yet, in the year 2010, Toronto was the scene to more car-cyclist collisions than any other major Canadian city.

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Aian Binlayo is #4 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list.

Aian Binlayo finds himself among the best once again in this year’s Top 25, improving by one place his fifth-spot finish last year. At 18, he remains one of the youngest environmentalists to be recognized. “As a youth, I feel that the environment is a particularly pressing issue,” he explained. “It’s us who will really be inheriting the Earth, and it’s especially important that we act as true stewards right now.”

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