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Youth are speaking up: A message from the Global Climate March in Vancouver.

On November 29th, just one day before the launch of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, thousands took to the streets of Vancouver to make a very clear statement: We need better climate policies – now. Other cities around the world – from Ireland to Japan, and from the Philippines to Egypt– participated in The Global Climate March, bringing necessary attention to the need for immediate climate action as we strive to save our planet from the consequences associated with further warming.

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What does the No vote mean for the future of transportation in the region?

This was originally published as part of Moving Forward, an independent journalism project produced by Discourse Media.

Is tolling drivers to pay for transportation infrastructure in Metro Vancouver’s future? After residents overwhelmingly voted against a 0.5 per cent PST hike and the provincial government ruled out using a share of the carbon tax to fund public transportation expansion, road pricing is one of the few remaining options on the table.

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What you can do to help Canada's sharks.

Sharks are some of the most diverse and enigmatic creatures that occupy the vast sea. Often we hear about shark spotting around the globe, but sharks are also in Canadian waters. Twenty-eight species of shark have been reported in Canadian waters; fourteen of which can be found in the Pacific and twenty in the Atlantic and Arctic. Although they pose very little threat to humans, many people still fear sharks and are causing their rapid decline.

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Bikecouver: A photo essay.

With increased congestion and air pollution, cars shouldn't be the only option in cities. Vancouver is attempting to make cycling a legitimate mode of transportation with its Transportation 2040 plan, categorizing pedestrians and cyclists needs first. The BC city is undergoing a transformational, concerted effort from prioritizing traditional car-only roadways to multi-use and cyclist-only streets. Cities around the world are catching up with the increasing popularity of cycling by installing proper infrastructure, but in my opinion, Vancouver is progressing most amicably.

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