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Susan Canney is one of WILD10's Unsung Heroes.

Susan Canney is the project leader for the Mali Elephant Project, an initiative to preserve and protect elephants, which she describes as “a natural part of the social ecosystem”. The rationale for the project is not only to help these beautiful creatures, but also local communities and governments by integrating elephants in local people’s daily activities.

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WILD10: Running an Indaba.

On my second day at WILD10, I had an opportunity to follow the CoalitionWILD presentation team (made up of Crista Valentino, Jordi Van Oort, Michael Grover, and Lincoln Meyer) as they prepared for their launch. It really started yesterday with the team of putting the finishing touches on their presentation, on top of running workshops, managing the CoalitionWILD lounge, having impromptu meetings, and squeezing in some tappas. I've mentioned the level of collaboration and willingness to help others in my last post, and that certainly continued into the second day of WILD10.

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Conservamos por Naturaleza highlights Peru’s silent conservation heroes.

In preparation for the upcoming 10th World Wilderness Congress in October, the Starfish has collaborated with CoalitionWild to announce finalists for its 'Wilder World Challenge'. Here, we present the stories of a passionate and innovative movement of people under 30, seeking to create a wilder world.

Over hundreds of years, individuals and communities have been committed to conserving nature throughout Peru. This constant effort and dedication to create a sustainable Peru generally went unknown until the 90’s. In the 1990’s, a campaign was developed to bring recognition and public support to conservation efforts in Peru. The purpose behind the campaign was to develop a platform to promote the active, willing, and dedicated civil societies who conserve the nature of Peru. The campaign also assisted in providing several legal tools in order to support conservation with a legal and regulatory system. Bruno Monteferri decided that recognizing active conservation efforts while encouraging public involvement is vital to creating a wilder world. Monteferri’s effort recognizing conservationists and sparking public concern have placed him amongst the top submissions in CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge!  

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