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Youth are speaking up: A message from the Global Climate March in Vancouver.

On November 29th, just one day before the launch of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, thousands took to the streets of Vancouver to make a very clear statement: We need better climate policies – now. Other cities around the world – from Ireland to Japan, and from the Philippines to Egypt– participated in The Global Climate March, bringing necessary attention to the need for immediate climate action as we strive to save our planet from the consequences associated with further warming.

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Investing in children; investing in the future: The importance of teaching today’s youth about the environment.

It can be argued that educating youth is the first step towards making the world a greener place. Many elementary level schools worldwide already have and are continuing to develop into ‘green schools’.  Community gardens planted by students as part of the biology or social science curriculum, for instance, gives youth hands-on experience that is severely lacking in many of today’s education systems.  Students also gain valuable experience with sustainable gardening and learning how to make healthy food choices.

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Finding Future Storytellers; Reflecting on the 2013 Earth Month Youth Forum

On Saturday, April 25th, I spent the afternoon at the Earth Month Youth Forum with 250 educators and students. The event, presented by Earth Day Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), was a positive and uplifting experience. Its keynote speakers and host were inspiring, while the workshops that were ran by a variety of organizations provided a grounded approach to bringing real environmental My day was filled with talking to youth, educators and participating in two workshops run by the Jane Goodall Foundation.

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