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Conservation Photography: Another Way to (Literally) See the World

Photo by Suzie Katz |

When we’re taught about conservation, we usually learn to think about the purely physical sense of the term – that is – direct actions taken within the environment to benefit the environment.  Recently, though, I came across a relatively new trend in environmental awareness: conservation photography. 

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Voluntary Conservation: Why Turning Your Lights Off For an Hour Once a Year Just Isn’t Enough

Photo by Louis Abate |

Earth Hour and Earth Day are movements that have created a lot of impact on government decision, relevant policies, and individual perspectives.  But are these short bursts of environmental concern enough to make the big changes needed to help our planet?  Not really.

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Eco-Volunteering. Do it.

Photo by Brande Jackson |

I'm proud to say that this site is run completely of the generosity of volunteers and people who are dedicated to making a difference in their local and global environments. I'm also happy to have friends and readers who take the time to get informed about various environmental issues in their communities and abroad. However, the best way to show that you care is to volunteer for Mother Nature. And I strongly believe you should.

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