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Vacationers Beware: The Hidden Side of Ecotourism.

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Since I recently moved from Ontario to British Columbia a few months ago, I will have made the equivalent of three round-trips between these locations by the end of this year.  Realizing that air travel is a major contributor of CO2 emissions, I started considering the environmental cost of traveling to far away parts of the world.  But even when we try our best to travel or vacation in the most sustainable ways possible, is there still an unavoidable ecological cost built into our desire to travel the world?

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Where is Your Crude Oil Coming From?

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I’ll admit that my first thought when I get into my car and start up the engine is usually where I am going – not how I am actually getting there.  I think this is true for most people in North America, no matter how scarce or frequent it is they drive.  However, the actual manufacturing of a car, gasoline, and oil required to make a car run relies on a number of resources from the earth. Oil, for instance, is one of the most intensive resources to extract from the earth.

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Adopting Bees in Urban Neighbourhoods.

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When my father retired last year, he would wax poetic about all the opportunities he was going to take advantage of, fantasizing about grand adventures and odd hobbies. One of his more farfetched ideas was to take up beekeeping. I laughed at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like this pursuit could be beneficial for my dad’s spare time, my mother’s sanity, and for the planet as well.

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VIDEOS. Eco-Documentaries showcase pristine environments pipelines would compromise.

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Sometimes, reading blog posts and articles just doesn't cut it. We've heard from many readers that they'd like to see more interactive media on our site, so until we've got the power to make videos of our won, we'd like to show you some cool videos we've found on the net pertaining to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

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Reconsider the Pipeline Proposal – Not the Fisheries Act.

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The Fisheries Act has been in place since 1868 and is one of the strongest acts protecting wildlife habitat in Canada. The Harper government is planning to change the act from its current form that bans any “harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat” to a revised version that would ban anything causing "adverse effect" on "fish of economic, cultural or ecological value".

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