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The Newest Oil Spill: Small Leaks in Russia Lead to Ecological Failure.

Photo by AntarcticBoy | flickr.comWe’ve all been reminded of the disastrous effects that the oil industry can have on our planet. Not only does it massively contribute to climate change, but spills and leaks can also cause ecological failures, further leading to the demise of our planet. The BP/Exxon-Valdez spill has been counted as one of the worst oil spills to date – but an investigation into Russia’s tundra might make you think otherwise.

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The End of 'Car Culture: How Attainable is it?

Photo by rahook2000 |

Motor vehicles. Try as you may to avoid one, their apparent permanent etching in the landscape of developed society creates the illusion that it is nearly impossible and largely inconvenient to do so. In most of North America alone, the wheels of our obsession continue to turn, as we have now become a ‘car culture’ with shocking energy inefficiencies, environmental intolerance and large-scale infrastructure challenges, as urban centres look to increase in both population and resource demands.

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