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Giving Young People A Voice: Ms. Horst's Students Are Making A Difference

Ms. Horst is a grade 1 and 2 teacher at Charles R. Beaudoin Public School. She made a difference on her first day of teaching by asking her students “how can we take responsibility at our age and be good citizens?”. The idea of a good citizen in today's world; being a part of a big, diverse, and complicated world may seem daunting, even to adults. However, unfazed, Ms. Horst did something extraordinary. She gave her students a voice.

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Beyond Hiking and Camping: Making the case for outdoor education.

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Remember in grade 6 when your class went on a hike in that local conservation area? Or perhaps in grade 1 when you were asked to bring something ‘from nature’ to show and tell?  Maybe you even participated in an environmental awareness program during high school. Research has demonstrated that classroom learning can improve our understanding of environmental responsibility, even in students as young as five years old.

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