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Starting the conversation about green energy: Why I am Bullfrog powered.

I consider them to be conversation starters, in the least - the small white sign in my front garden that states, “I choose renewable energy”, or the sticker on my front door reading “Bullfrog powered”. I admit, I get a thrill when I am asked to explain “how it all works”. Fortunately as a valued customer (my chosen adjective as well as theirs), Bullfrog Power arms me not just with the gear to advertise and advocate for my choice in renewable energy, but also the knowledge and understanding of what my extra cents per kilowatt hour are actually funding.

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Turning over a new leaf.

Photo by Hugo90 |

Currently, an extremely large proportion (85%) of the world’s power supply is being derived from the burning of fossil fuels. This means of energy production is associated with a host of seemingly insurmountable problems such as climate change and oil spills. The search is on to find feasible and renewable power sources – and artificial photosynthesis may be the answer.

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Lake Chernobyl?

 Lake Huron. Photo by Citizen A |

Nuclear energy has been utilized in Canada for several decades, providing energy to hundreds of thousands of citizens from plants spread throughout Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec. Over these years we’ve accumulated quite the collection of highly radioactive nuclear waste, with no place to put it all.

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US environmental concerns “freeze” in the deep North.

The Kulluk off the Seattle waterfront. Photo by dnak |

As the polar ice caps melt, interest in the Arctic region is all the rage for the use of shipping lanes and for potential claim over potential oil reserves. Shell Oil Co. has been investigating this potential for the past fifty years and has now been given the green light for exploratory drilling in open water by the US federal government (and backed by an appeals court).

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A New Type of Hybrid: Exploring the Possibility of Hybrid Powerplants

Photo courtesy of davipt |

If someone were to ask what you know about hybrid technology, it would probably be automatic for you to connect the use of electrical power combined with gasoline as a fuel source for vehicles.  Professor Avi Kribus of Israel’s Tel Aviv University (TAU) is working towards adding another, much larger development to the hybrid category. 

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Frack you.
Photo by Adrian Kinloch|

Fracking. It’s a rough process. It requires a lot of energy and sometimes even protection.  Although it can be considered a natural practice, it almost always leads to a break-up. In fact, it’s so risky that it’s been suspended in some countries and even banned in others.   

If you think that Fracking is F!&*ing with a kinky little twist, you may want to keep reading.

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