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There's a Green-App for that!
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Whether or not you have a smartphone, want a smartphone or even like the idea of smartphones, you have to admit they are catching people’s attention. The news is littered with discussion of the smartphone market’s economy, new applications, product reviews and more. It is a rapidly expanding field in business and fortunately, eco-activists have taken notice. Do one quick google search on “green apps” and you will find a slew of articles rating all these different eco-friendly smartphone applications.

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Inspector Gadget Meets Environmental Sustainability

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Well folks, it’s here. The MAM time of year (That is to say, the March-April-May birthday explosion). While that means a lot of birthday cakes, party hats and invitations, it also means the potential to have to buy a lot of gifts. In honour of any of the upcoming milestone-age anniversaries you may celebrate, The Starfish has a top 10 list (in no particular order) of eco-gadgets you can look into for your family, friends, coworkers and paper boy. Here's the first five - come back Wednesday for the second half of the list!

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Oh you fancy huh?

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The request to use green energy and practice sustainable lifestyle choices: we’ve all heard the theories and the facts that support them.  We’ve all seen what’s out there but how do we take the first step to developing eco-skills?  Why don’t we break the ice with some hot, earth-friendly gadgets?!

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