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Himalayan Haven: Organic Farming Finds a New Patron.

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Organic farming seems to be a buzz-word in the green circles these days. It has become a movement with its own sustainable strength and the ability to convey its message to thousands (if not millions) of people around the globe. Although the movement did start gaining momentum in the more developed countries, developing countries are vying to catch up as well. The primary reason for this is that health organizations are finally realizing the incredible toll that pesticides and insecticides are inflicting on the population of their country. From farmers who refuse to eat their own produce that is sprayed with these chemicals to mothers miscarrying because of the large amounts of pesticides in the environment, the truth is dawning upon the conscience of the world’s largest democracy. This was demonstrated when a new Indian show titled ‘’Satyamev Jayate’’ which translates ‘’Truth Alone Triumphs’’ chronicled the rise of pesticide use in India and its effects. After intense research, stories are finally being produced to show how a nation is being poisoned by the same food that is supposed to keep it healthy.

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