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Help Us Green Burlington's Sound of Music Festival

Every Father's Day Weekend, thousands of people come to Burlington, Ontario, Canada for the Sound of Music Festival. It is Canada's largest free music festival that spreads along the city's waterfront Spencer Smith Park and into the downtown core. This year, it is taking place from June 13 to 16, and the dedicated BurlingtonGreen Eco Team is doing its part to keep the festival green. We at the Starfish Canada will also be helping, and so can you!

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Reframing the Big Picture.

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Ever since I began my studies in Simon Fraser University’s school of Resource and Environmental Management, I’ve been getting into a lot of discussions with friends and family about the state of the environment and what can be done to improve it. The overarching theme of these conversations has been despair and frustration on the part of whoever I am talking with and (hopefully) a decreasing degree of naïve optimism on my part. Even still, the hopelessness I have seen worries me, and I think I understand why it is so prevalent.

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From landfill to... spacefill?

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We all do it; drag the garbage out once a week and chuck it at the end of the curb, sometimes just one bag, sometimes more. The next morning, itʼs magically gone and our lawns look nice and tidy, problem solved! But where does it all end up? Over consumption and waste production are two huge issues in todays world. The ozone layer is being destroyed and global warming affects are already being felt around the globe, only seeming to get worse at the rate weʼre going.

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Green Energy Solutions Make for Happier Employees.

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Often, when the eco-media discusses green innovations and ways to improve how efficient our energy systems are, we indirectly think about reducing greenhouse gases. Although this is essential, this isn’t the way to get major companies to comply with new technologies and sources of electricity. You have to tell them to think about their employees.

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That's Not Garbage: Graydon's Top 10 Do-It-Yourself Eco-Projects!

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Do you ever get jealous of those “do it yourselfers” that you know? Those friends of yours who always have something trendy in their house that they made with their own two hands? I think upcycling and downcycling your old waste is one of the coolest green habits you can get into, but a lot of the times it’s hard to come up with ideas.

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Bite Into Eco-Dentistry.

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Ahh, the dentist’s office: Free toothbrushes, the taste of mint, some guy or girl leaning over you with their hands in your mouth while they wear these fancy glasses with lights on them, and the realization that you don’t know anything about incisors, bicuspids, or lower mandibles. Kind of a mixed bag, isn’t it? Whether you’re for your dentist or not, they're are on the move - eco styles.

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5 Ways to Green Your Work-out Routine

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Here at the Starfish, we’ve discussed how you can green your transportation, your diet, your home, and just about everything else you can imagine. However, while the relationship between your health and the environment has been discussed through a lengthy discussion of the environmental impact of particular food choices, the other element of personal health, physical activity, has not been analyzed in detail!

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Greening your Workplace.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve previously thought about the different ways that you can your life more environmentally-friendly. The place where we have the most control over this is in our personal life – from the things that we buy to the day-to-day activities we do at home. Taking this a step further, have you ever thought about bringing your environmentally conscious attitudes to your workplace?

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