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Why running and the environment go hand in hand

It’s no surprise that environmental matters and physical activity can go hand in hand. Putting on the runners and getting out to a place with some trees and fresh air can go a long way. You can help yourself by elevating your heart rate and exercising your body while also benefiting from everything the outdoors can offer - vitamin D from the sun, peace and serenity from the air and surrounding foliage, and maybe even some moisture from the rain.

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What's in Your Belly Button? (And Other Places We Are Still Finding New Species)

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I may be wrong to speak on behalf of all Starfish readers, but when I hear a story about a recently discovered species (or a species that has recently gone extinct, for that matter), my mind automatically creates an image of an emerging eerie-looking lizard with disproportionally small limbs, or the devastating disappearance of a cute tree-living bear-like creature.  With extinction events occurring at an unprecedented rate, contributing to the current mass extinction, it can sometimes seem as though Earth is simply losing many of its species.  What may come as good news, then, is that we are continuing to find new species, often times in the most bizarre of places. Even belly buttons. 

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So do you just throw pills out, or...?

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Springtime is here - and so is the standard “spring cleaning.” Students are moving into new homes for the following year, people are putting away their winter clothes, and homeowners are rearranging their garages or sheds from snow care to lawn care. Last year around this time, I wrote an article about how to reduce your spring cleaning waste. As I started to tidy up things in my own house this year, I realized I forgot one important element in that article. What do you do with old medications? 

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Asthma in India: It's in the air.

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What do you think of when you hear the term global health? If you responded with HIV/AIDS, malaria, or tuberculosis, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. But what about diseases that are more commonly associated with environmental health? These hazards are responsible for about 25% of the total burden of disease worldwide. According to the World Health Organizaion (WHO), 13 million deaths around the world could be prevented every year by making our environments healthier.

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Blue Zone greens up healthcare.

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If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth out or undergone any kind of surgery, you’ve most likely heard anesthesiology terms thrown around. When released into the atmosphere, anesthetics are known to decrease the air quality of their surroundings. Furthermore, anesthetics are extremely strong greenhouse gases with a warming impact that is 3,766 times greater than carbon dioxide.

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