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Leatherback Sea Turtle: The story of an ancient mariner.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the biggest, deepest-diving, longest traveling reptile on the planet, and has been in existence for over 100 million years - and was in existence when dinosaurs walked the Earth. These turtles have endured millions of years of global change, but this ancient marine species is currently facing a serious threat -- one that could wipe them from existence. That threat is human beings.

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Cracking under pressure?

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A recent NASA plane mission, termed “Operation Ice Bridge”, has discovered a huge crack forming in the Antarctic glacier. The NASA plane was able to capture detailed measurements of the glacier for the first time ever. The data that was collected from these airborne acquired measurements indicate that the Antarctic glacier is breaking up.

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From landfill to... spacefill?

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We all do it; drag the garbage out once a week and chuck it at the end of the curb, sometimes just one bag, sometimes more. The next morning, itʼs magically gone and our lawns look nice and tidy, problem solved! But where does it all end up? Over consumption and waste production are two huge issues in todays world. The ozone layer is being destroyed and global warming affects are already being felt around the globe, only seeming to get worse at the rate weʼre going.

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Halloween 2011: A Spooktacular Milestone

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To many of us, October 31st highlights a yearly opportunity to rummage through the attics of our imaginations, mimic our favorite creatures and fictionally experience ‘walking amongst the dead’. This year, however, it’s walking amongst the living that may bring more than a few to gasp: the world’s population is projected to reach a staggering 7 billion on Halloween of this year, with another billion expected in just another 12 years: a far cry from the global population of 1.7 billion just a century ago!

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: How much are ecosystem services worth to you?

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In 1987, Robert Costanza from the University of Maryland (and colleagues) published a monumental paper in the scientific journal Nature, stating the value of global ecosystem services to be between $16 and 54 trillion USD/year – a benefit that isn’t accounted for in most estimates of GNP. Before taking those numbers at face value, I thought to myself – what IS an ecosystem service? 

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