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Asthma in India: It's in the air.

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What do you think of when you hear the term global health? If you responded with HIV/AIDS, malaria, or tuberculosis, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. But what about diseases that are more commonly associated with environmental health? These hazards are responsible for about 25% of the total burden of disease worldwide. According to the World Health Organizaion (WHO), 13 million deaths around the world could be prevented every year by making our environments healthier.

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From landfill to... spacefill?

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We all do it; drag the garbage out once a week and chuck it at the end of the curb, sometimes just one bag, sometimes more. The next morning, itʼs magically gone and our lawns look nice and tidy, problem solved! But where does it all end up? Over consumption and waste production are two huge issues in todays world. The ozone layer is being destroyed and global warming affects are already being felt around the globe, only seeming to get worse at the rate weʼre going.

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GM Fish: From Seeds to Salmon?

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I’ve written several times on my beef with genetically modified foods, voicing my concern over the rampant and unchecked release and proliferation of the growth and consumption of GM soy, canola, wheat, potatoes, etc. Recent developments within the biotechnology industry have threatened to expand the prevalence of GM technologies into meat products, with the EnviroPig and GM Salmon. My next post will focus on the dangers and details of the Enviro Pig project, based out of the University of Guelph, but this post will reveal what’s so fishy about AquaBounty’s GM fast growth salmon.

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A Slice of Green Heaven.

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In recent years, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to the great outdoors and its magnificent beauty. It wasn’t until last week, when I spent nearly 24 hours in a car driving to the East Coast, that I realized how breathtaking the natural world really is.

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Banning Kite Flying – Overkill or a Step in the Right Direction?

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This story comes from my old stomping grounds on the east edge of Markham, and is hence a little more personal than usual. The setting? Rouge Park. I have been hiking along the Rouge River with friends, family, pets, and friend’s pets, for at least fifteen years. 

I suppose it all began in Bluffer’s Park in Toronto, as it is there where kite-fighting enthusiasts originally carried out their hobby. Kite fighting, for those of you who don’t know, is a sport in which flyers attempt to sever one another’s kite strings. (Think The Kite Runner) However, kite fighting was banned there seven years ago, when the park got busy.

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That's Not Garbage: Graydon's Top 10 Do-It-Yourself Eco-Projects!

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Do you ever get jealous of those “do it yourselfers” that you know? Those friends of yours who always have something trendy in their house that they made with their own two hands? I think upcycling and downcycling your old waste is one of the coolest green habits you can get into, but a lot of the times it’s hard to come up with ideas.

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